Toronto and the Regions of
Durham, York, Peel and Halton
Pipe Major WO (Ret'd) Rev. Dr. Kenneth B. Bice, CD., D.D., KGSJ

(Serving the Greater Toronto Area of Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie, Regions of  York, Durham, Peel, Halton  and beyond)

Registerd Clergy in Ontario (Clergy Licence No. 63698) with the Independent Anglican Church of Canada under the Federation of Independent Anglican Churches of  North America
Pastoral Charge - Vicar of the Regions of Durham and York

Consider using my services to both  PIPE and OFFICIATE for your WEDDING 
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  Pipe Major WO (Ret'd) Rev. Dr. Kenneth B. Bice, CD, D.D.,KGSJ

                      "THE PIPING PADRE"


          WEE BIT more SPECIAL with the

                      SKIRL of the

The Sound & Skirl of the Pipes add greatly to:

- Bridal Party or Head Table Entry / Exit
- Life Celebration & Funeral Rites Solemnenty
- Social Gatherings as Background Music
- Anniversaries or Special Occasions
- or ANY OTHER OCCASION you have in mind

The GREAT HIGHLAND BAGPIPE and PIPER in  HIGHLAND DRESS provides a LASTING MEMORY through SIGHTand SOUND for those who attend the special event or occasion.  Mark your special occasions with the SKIRL of the PIPES and the SWINGING of the KILT and make sure you get some GOOD PICTURES for lasting memory.


Greater Toronto Area, Regions of York, Durham, Halton and Peel

Other areas: Barrie, Hamilton, Port Hope / Cobourg

Ken has been piping in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 50 years. He orginally started out the music side of his life studying piano at the age of 4 years old.  He progressed to other instruments including the clarinent, saxaphone, accordian, organ, drums before settling on the Great Highland Bagpipe.

His piping career began in the Toronto Scottish Regimental Pipes and Drums under the instruction of Pipe Major John Wakefield as a Boy Piper.  He soon transferred to the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums and was tutored by Pipe Major Archie Dewar. 

Ken served with the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums for many years and played with the Regimental Pipes and Drums at many major events as well as with the Grade 1 competition band under, both Pipe Major Ross Stewart and Pipe Major Reay MacKay.  During his service with the 48th Highlanders of Canada Pipes and Drums he was decorated by the Government of Canada receving the "Canadian Decoration " (C.D.) medal.

Ken also played in the Grade 2 competition Band of the Metropolitan Toronto Police Pipes and Drums under the leadership of Pipe Major John Macdonald.  He served as Pipe Major of the 25 Toronto Service Battalion and took the band into various competions. During his years with the 25 Toronto Service Battalion Pipes and Drums Ken was the official Piper for the Lt. Governor of Ontario.  He served the Hon. Pauline McGibbon, The Hon. John Black Aird and the Hon. Lincoln Alexander during the terms as Lt. Governor's of Ontario.  Ken was also Pipe Major of the Scarborough Pipes and Drums, bulding the band into a good Grade 4 and subsqent Grade 3 competition band.  Ken retired from 25 Toronto Service Battalion Pipes and Drums as a Warrant Officer / Pipe Major and continued service as Pipe Major of the Scarborough Pipes and Drums for many years.

Ken returned to serve with the Canadian Forces when he was appointed as the Pipe Major of the Toronto Scottish Regiment Pipes and Drums by Lt. Col. Fred Moore in 2011, the regiment where his piping career began and has just retired in July 2014 after over 50 years of service with the Canadian Forces at various times from 1961 to 2014.

Ken also performs on a solo basis for various events including weddings, funerals, head tables, sreet feastivals (Unionville Celtic Festival, Celebrate the Beech Feastival), etc.

Ken was born in Markdale, Ontario into the Agnew Family of Dundalk as Kenneth Bryan Agnew. He was then adopted by the Bice Family of Mimico a suburb of Toronto and still retains the Bice family name today.

During his business career Ken has held various positions in the Information Systems area of serveral manufacturing companies, including systems, programming and management.  He then change careers and has held several positions in the accounting field, including Controller for several companies.

Ken graduated from Royal York Collegiate Institute in Business and Commerce.  He graduated from Humber College of Applied Art and Technologies in Computer Systems and Programming.  He studied accounting with the Certified General Accounts of Ontario.  He graduated from the Canadian Institute of Administrative Managers and hold the Certified Administrative Manager (C.A.M.) designation.  Ken also graduated from the Canadian Institute of Management and hold both the Professional Manager (P.Mgr.) and Fellow Chartered Manager (F.CIM) designations.

Ken is also an Ordained Minister and received his Doctor of Divininty (DD) from Trinity Institute. He was Ordained through Trinity and is presently an Ordained Minister with Independent Anglican Church of Canada affiliated with the Federation of the Independent Anglican Churches of North America.  Ken's pastoral charge is Durham Region and is the Vicar of Christ the King, Uxbridge.. 

Ken is a member of the I.F.C.P.D. (International Fellowship of Christian Pipers and Drummers).  Ken can not only pipe for your Wedding but can legally officate and solemnize your wedding vows and marriage.

Ken is also a member and registered chaplain with the "International Chaplains Association" and "The Emergency Medical Chaplains Association" and is involved in Chaplaincy work for serveral organizations. Ken also is a visiting  Chaplain with a number of seniors homes and hospitals in the area.

Ken continues to work in the accounting and consulting field as well as a the Vicar of Christ the King Independent Anglican Church of Canada in Uxbridge, Ontario and is still officiating at weddings, christenings, naming ceremonies, baptisms, funerals and other ceremonies which falls under his pastoral charge in Uxbridge, Ontario, where he presently resides.


Michelle & Manny Tavares Wedding
           (September 17th, 2006)

"Thank's Ken. The ceremony was great, the
piping was superior and Michelle's 95 Year
old Grand Mother, was exstatic when you
PIped us out following the ceremony to
"Bonnie Dundee" the town where she was
Born.  Like I said when I found your PIping
Web Site, I did not know there was such a
person who could both Pipe for and Officiate
our Wedding.  Thanks again for the excellent
manner in which you both Officiated and Piped
for our Wedding, it will sure be memorable."

             Manny and Michelle Tavares
               "September 18th, 2006"

                    Bridal Party Entrance                        
           Slow air "The Song of the Mira"   

          The Ceremony - Readings & Intent          

                     The Exchange of Vows                     

       Blessing of the Rings and the Marriage   

 Couple & "The Piping Padre" (Minister/Piper)

              "The Piping Padre" Himself            

  Photos courtesy of Blair Atkins, Owner
       APS-Atkins Photography Services




Choose from the following services:

Pipe while guest arrive
Pipe in Minister and Groom/Ushers
Pipe in Bridal Party
Pipe during signing of register
Pipe out Bride and Groom
Pipe Bride & Groom into Receiption
Pipe Bride, Groom & Limo into Hall
Pipe during receiving line
Pipe Bridal Party to Head Table
         Individual couples 
         As a Group
Pipe Bride & Groom to Head Table


At the Church or Chapel

Pipe Minister & Casket into Chapel
Pipe as part of service)
Pipe Casket from chapel to hearse

At the Graveside or Crematorium

Pipe Casket from hearse to grave
Pipe at while flowers layed
Pipe while cremations performed
Pipe at while guest retire


Pipe in Head Table
Pipe in Haggis
Pipe out Haggis
Other piping for dances, etc.


Pipe Dignitaries or Flags to Service
Pipe Lament at your Service
Pipe Dignitaries or Flags from Service


Head Tables at Dinners or Recognitions
Retirement Parties
Trade Show Booth Event
Opening of new office or location
Other Special Occasions


Receiving Guests at Airport
Departue of Guests at Airport


Piping fees are generally based on what is required and the length of time and travel necessary for the event.

Fees for Charitablie or Not for Profit organizations may be discounted.

Donated services sometimes apply depending on the event.

Piping Lessons, fees depend on location of the lessons.  Lessons are generally one (1) hour in length


You can contact me by:


Regular Mail:
13 Nelkydd Lane
Uxbridge, ON L9P 1Y1

Residence Phone:
(905) 852-0344

Cellular Phone:
(647) 227-6232


Links to other RECOMMENDED sites:

As an Ordained Minister and Licensed by the Province of Ontario through the Federation of Independent Anglican Churches of North Amercioa to Solemnize Weddings and I can provide these other services:

Officiant for:
Naming Ceremonies
Funeral Rites

Visit my wedding website


Celebrant/Officiant for:

Funerals / Life Celebrations
Christening or Naming Ceremonies
Reaffirmation of Marriage


If you would like me to both Officiate and Pipe at a Wedding or Funeral, I offer a DISCOUNT on the COMBINED services.


                                                      Celebrant/Officiant Fees
                                                     Fees are  based on time
                                                     and location of the event and
                                                    Sample Ceremonies
                                                     Planning Meetings
                                                     and the Wedding Officiating.

                                                     Please Visit my  Web Site
                                                     for more details below:


Links to other RECOMMENDED sites:                     


                "The Piping Padre"
           is a member of the I.F.C.P.D.


 The International Fellowship of Christian Pipers and Drummers The Moto-"Beanaigh An Tighearna" is Galic for "Bless the Lord"  To visit this site click on the link below:




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        Pipe Major Rev. Dr. Kenneth B. Bice, CD, D.D., KGSJ
                                      "The Piping Padre"


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